"Our story begins in the north. North of the North Lands and the Coldest Northest Lands. Even norther than that. There Coldchester, the town at the North Pole".

The narrator describing Coldchester

Coldchester is the name of a town in the North Pole and is the main setting of the Robbie the Reindeer films.

The town has a bus service but the bus only comes into town every April and August.

Residents of ColdchesterEdit

  • Unnamed polar bear
  • Other reindeer and elves


Known PlacesEdit

  • Workshop
  • Reindeer Stadium


  • It's name is a pun on the name of the English town of Colchester.
  • Despite The North Pole being in The Northern Hemisphere, in the films, it snows in the summer but is sunny in the winter.