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Robbie (son)
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His son Robbie, Santa Claus

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Hooves Of Fire (Mentioned and appears in a painting)
Legend of the Lost Tribe (painting cameo)

Rudolph is a popuar Christmas icon who is well known for his glowing red nose which he used to guide Santa Claus's sleigh on a foggy Christmas Eve. He is also Robbie's father and an unseen character in Hooves Of Fire.

Hooves Of FireEdit

Rudolph is mentioned at the start of the film to have been the one to have sent Robbie to Coldchester as he wanted him to do some character building.

It is also revealed that the sleigh team's captain Blitzen hates Rudolph because he is the famous reindeer despite only being on the team once. It is also shown that Blitzen hates hearing Rudolph's name too, gagging anyone who tries to say it. Blitzen then decides to take this hatred out on Robbie.

Later after returning from Santa Claus's party Robbie is seen looking at a painting of Rudolph.

At the end of The Reindeer Games' event The Steeplechase after Robbie is made winner by default following Blitzen's arrest, a zeppelin is seen flying by The North Pole Stadium with a banner with a message from Rudolph on it that says WELL DONE SON !!, showing that Rudolph is proud of his son taking part in the games.

Legend of the Lost TribeEdit

Though not refereed to or mentioned, Rudolph's painting makes a brief cameo in the film. The painting is show in the scene where Robbie comes to Old Jingle to talk about Vikings. However, unlike it's appearance in Hooves of Fire, the painting has been moved from above the fireplace to the wall facing it.


Judging by his painting, Rudolph has brown fur, brown eyes with long antlers, a goatee and a red nose.



  • Due to copyright reasons, Rudolph could not be named in the film, so he is simply referred to as Robbie's Dad.
  • It is unknown if Rudolph was aware of Blitzen's jealousy of him.
  • It is unknown why Rudolph is absent from Robbie and Donner's wedding in Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind, though it is possible that he was unable to attend or perhaps Robbie and Donner didn't have enough room left on their guestlist to invite him and so possibly visited him sometime after the wedding. Another reason could be that similar to how Rudolph could not be mentioned by name in Hooves of Fire, it could be that the creators of the film did not have permisson to allow Rudolph to make a physical appearance.
  • For reasons unknown, Rudolph's painting doesn't appear in Close Encounters of the Herd Kind. It could be because the makers of the film forgot to add it or that it was moved to another part of Reindeer Lodge, due to the living room being used for Robbie and Donner's wedding.
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