The Nargathron Crystal is an alien crystal that appears in the 2007 Robbie the Reindeer film Close Encounters Of The Herd Kind.

Close Encounters of the Herd KindEdit

The crystal first appears when it falls from the sky and lands in Robbie's hands, but he drops it due to it being hot. After being knocked out by tge impact of Gary's ship crash landing, Robbie wakes with the crystal next to his bed.

Later, when preparing for his wedding to Donner, Robbie puts the crystal into his dickie collar for good luck.

Robbie encounters Gary who tells him that the crystal is the power source of the Nargathrons ultimate weapon and if in the wrong hands, the crystal could provide enough power to lay waste to Earth. He also tells Robbie to get the crystal away from where they are and if the Nargathons get it, it will be the end of Robbie and those he loves.

Robbie later comes across Prancer, Old Jingle and Tapir and learns from them of that Donner has been captured by the Nargathons and they find Gary's ship. When Robbie places the crystal on the ship's control pad , it powers up the ship and lifts it off the ground.

Robbie gives Prancer the crystal and tells him, Jingle and Tapir to find a way to contact the Earth Guardians, before setting off in Gary's ship to rescue Donner. After failing to attract the Earth Guardianswith free pizza, Prancer, Jingle and Tapir return to Reindeer Lodge where Em uses the crystal to create a signal to contact the Earth Guardians, before the Nargathrons arrive and take everyone hostage and give the crystal to the leader Queen Vorkana.

Vorkana uses the crystal to start a countdown to Earth destruction. However, the Earth Guardians arrive and destroy the Nargathron ship, thus preventing Earth's destruction.