The Steeplechase is the most important event in The Reindeer Games. It features reindeer racing each other.

Hooves of FireEdit

Robbie takes part in the Steeplechase in order to try and get back on the Sleigh Team. Robbie briefly leaves the race in order to save Old Jingle but when he gets back he is able to reach Blitzen who punches him before hitting him with a hurdle.

Robbie uses the nose jump in and manages to catch up with Blitzen and both seem to reach the finish line at the same time. But in a photo finish, it shows that Blitzen crossed the line first.

However, it is revealed that Blitzen cheated by taking drugs, resulting in him being disqualified and arrested and Robbie is declared winner by default.


  • Robbie - Made winner by default after Blitzen is disqualified
  • Blitzen - Winner but was disqualified for taking drugs
  • Other unnamed reindeer